Restoration Counseling aims to support ministers in fulfilling the command to “equip the saints for ministry”(Ephesians 4:12). Because we are very aware of the pressures ministry leaders face, the experts at Restoration Counseling provide training in a variety of counseling-related subjects such as trauma, abuse, depression, substance abuse, marriage issues, and much more. 


Churches seldom have a well-developed procedure for helping the suffering, and most have few who can offer assistance. While it’s beneficial to teach leaders how to run Sunday School, Small Groups, or VBS courses, they may have difficulty providing more personal, intensive care.

Our purpose is to provide church members with the knowledge they need to compassionately care for others, so that they may walk alongside them with empathy and strategy. We are not teaching individuals how to counsel, but rather how to ask intelligent questions and listen well and provide beneficial feedback. Think of them as first responders. 

Fortunately, we offer training to help you master these skills. Workshops normally take place on Saturdays or weeknight evenings, and offer the following:

Slide Presentations


christian counseling team

Access To Resources

Hands-On Instructions

Flexible Location Training

We’ve witnessed and assisted a lot of churches in improving the quality of their shepherding from the ground up. When there is a crisis, the more shepherds who are ready and able to provide assistance and hope, the better cared for your congregation and community will be. 

To learn more about our training workshops, please contact a member of the Restoration Counseling team today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.