At Restoration Counseling, we believe that everyone deserves access to counseling. To ensure this access to all clients, we offer telecounseling services so that everyone, near and far, can receive compassionate care that uses Jesus’ teachings as guiding principles for our lives.

Thanks to technology, communicating with friends and family has never been easier.
We can reach out to friends across the country or conference remotely with colleagues
using FaceTime and video conferencing, for example. This same technology and the
need to adapt have also had an effect on mental health services.

What is Tele-Counseling

Telecounseling is a remote form of talk therapy that can be done over the phone or via video conference. Therapists can remotely collaborate with their patients to provide online therapy sessions, develop new routines, and practice therapeutic techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy through Tele counseling. Unfortunately, Tele counseling has some restrictions. Certain types of therapy, including play therapy for children, are restricted by telehealth. In-office visits would provide a better experience for those sessions.

Benefits Of Tele-Counseling

Through technological advances, telehealth services have made it much easier to obtain the mental health counseling that is needed now more than ever. This service is particularly beneficial to patients who cannot meet with their mental health counselor in person. The following are just a few benefits of receiving Tele counseling:

  • Improved Access – Clients and counselors alike may not be comfortable with in-person therapy if they have mobility issues or health complications from injury or an illness. Telecounseling provides clients and counselors with the flexibility to continue their therapy regardless of these and other issues.
  • Flexibility – Because of its inherent flexibility, Tele counseling allows people to continue their treatment regardless of their schedules or situations. Commuting for appointments and other common logistical barriers are eliminated as well as waiting room delays. It is possible to schedule a Tele counseling appointment at any time or place that works for both the client and the counselor.
  • Consistency – If therapy is discontinued or administered irregularly due to unforeseen circumstances, the therapy may be ineffective or compromised. Teletherapy may be used to maintain the continuity and uniformity of the therapeutic process no matter what disruptions occur, such as pandemics, travel, sicknesses, or changes in schedules.

At Restoration Counseling, we are proud to offer telecounseling to all clients. As a
Christian organization, we believe that everyone deserves access to mental health that
uses Jesus’ teachings as guiding principles for our lives. Below, we discuss
telecounseling, its many benefits, and how we can help you reconnect with your faith
through this service.

Is it Effective?

In most instances, clients experience comparable results with telecounseling as with
conventional in-person visits according to the American Psychiatric Association.
Telecounseling is recognized as a successful psychological treatment that improves
access to care. Because of the advances in technology, patients who feel awkward in
clinical or unfamiliar settings may be more receptive to treatment.
Patients who are concerned about their comfort level may find it easier to express
themselves and to express their feelings and thoughts. As technology improves and
people become more accustomed to video communication, telecounseling will become
more common and accessible.

Is Telecounseling Right For Me?

It is important to understand the implications of virtual treatment before telecounseling
can be put into practice. For telecounseling to be viable, you should have reliable
internet access as well as a functioning computer, telephone, or tablet with a working
microphone and camera. If you want telecounseling to be effective, you should be able
to connect to the internet for sessions with your counselor, and it is important that your
equipment works well enough for you to participate in regular sessions.

Secondly, it’s important to ask yourself if you will be able to hold up to keeping
appointments at home. Although research has shown that telecounseling is just as
effective as in-person treatment at retaining patients in treatment, this does not mean
that it is suitable for everyone. Some patients prefer in-person treatment and know that
they will be more committed if they must take a trip to the office for their regular
appointments. If, on the other hand, you are someone who does not mind connecting
with people virtually via an application like Skype or you appreciate the convenience of
completing an appointment from home, you may be interested in telecounseling.

Telecounseling at Restoration Counseling

When you choose Christian telecounseling, you are taking a step in the right direction.
Through our telecounseling service, you will reconnect with your faith while improving
your mental health in ways you didn;t even know were possible.
Here at Restorative Counseling, we provide Christian telecounseling to all clients who
are interested in tackling their mental health issues within the comfort of their homes.
Strengthened by the love of Jesus Christ, our counselors are here to support you in the
journey towards unshakeable faith and inner peace. We believe that life and its
difficulties are temporary and that we will have an everlasting future without suffering. If
you wish to learn more about Christian telecounseling, please contact us today. We are
here to help.