Restoration Counseling in St. Louis

We provide in-person therapy, coaching, and mediation services in St. Louis, Missouri. Our traditional therapy programs are time-tested and verified to assist you in overcoming anxiety, troubled relationships, and depression. Our method blends a psychological approach with a Biblical foundation. Our traditional counseling is a kind of “talk therapy” that may provide you with the support you need to overcome emotional distress.


Christian counselors do not think that secular therapy approaches adequately address the wide variety of problems a person may have. Therefore, these therapists combine your spiritual well-being with your psychological well-being. Christian counseling may vary in how it is delivered depending on a person’s needs, but the core elements are always the same. Our counselors employ professional skills inspired by the Bible and faith in reality and may use the Bible to complement our work in various ways. We have learned how to support your faith and let it support you. Our Christian counseling clients are able to achieve success and live healthy lives as a result of our passion and faith. Every member of our team has both theological and clinical training, so you are in good hands at Restoration Counseling.




Christian Counseling in St. Louis

A Christian counselor strives to help people manage and/or resolve any issues in their lives by applying faith-based principles and psychological instruction. Mental health professionals not only assess and treat mental illnesses but also teach clients coping skills so that they may better adjust to any changes in their lives. People seeking Christian counseling may seek assistance for an array of problems, ranging from adjustment issues to mental illnesses.

Christian Counseling For Marriage Issues

The Christian faith places a lot of significance on the sacrament of marriage. Couples who enter into a marriage make a lifelong commitment to love and honor each other. Couples in the Christian religion are encouraged to seek marital counseling rather than divorce if they have problems. A marriage may encounter numerous problems. These problems, in turn, may affect a relationship considerably.

Christian Counseling For Parenting Issues

Raising children can be rewarding but difficult. You will experience both triumphs and frustrations as a parent. When raising your child is particularly difficult, a Christian counselor can be of assistance. If you are unable to determine what your child needs or if you are overwhelmed by the duties of parenthood, Christian counseling can be beneficial. These counselors can teach you methods for managing parenting stress.

Faith Restoration Counseling

It’s simple to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of existence and forget your faith in today’s fast-paced society. However, it is at these times that your faith is especially important. With all of these stressors, it’s simple to push your faith aside. In addition to helping you reconnect with God and your faith, Christian therapists can offer you the tools you need when you lose connection with your faith and become lost.

Mental Illness Counseling

It’s difficult to deal with a mental disorder without support and an outlet to express your feelings. People with mental issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder typically have lower self-esteem and self-acceptance than those without mental conditions. Through Christian counseling, you will understand that you are a child of God just like everyone else.

Grief Counseling

Many people rely on their faith to get them through a particularly taxing time after a loved one dies. However, it may be too difficult to find the light of God in the event of a particularly devastating loss. A surviving loved one may get “stuck” in a phase during the grieving process, a phase that feels impossible to overcome. During these times, grief counseling helps the bereaved accept the loss, remember and honor the deceased, accept reality, and heal from their pain.

Addiction Counseling

The first step towards recovering from drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Admitting that you require assistance is an act of bravery. Once you accept your need for assistance, a Christian counselor may help you overcome your ‘addiction.’ Furthermore, Christian counseling may assist you in identifying issues, such as childhood trauma, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, and low self-esteem, which might contribute to your addiction.

Christian Counseling in St. Louis


Christian counseling employs a variety of techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Christian counselors employ a wide range of materials, tools, resources, and psychological techniques, including prayer, scripture, affirmation, bible study, self-auditing or self-evaluation, to help you confront your issues. The goal of Christian counseling is to improve your spiritual health, build a personal relationship with God, and achieve emotional healing and increased self-esteem. The phases of treatment typically look like this:
Initially, your Christian counselor will attempt to gain an understanding of who you are through structured interviews and in-depth conversations during the first few sessions. Then, he/she will observe you as you describe your difficulties and how they make you feel.
Your counselor will then ask you what you want to achieve by the time you finish therapy. You and your counselor will then discuss your objectives and devise methods to achieve them.
During the later sessions, you will be assigned biblical homework and tasks, and these will be discussed in the next session. You will also be given biblical passages to read at night, ones that will bolster your faith in God and His plan.