Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling provides the support and guidance you need to tackle difficult situations your marriage may be facing. Using Christ’s teachings, our counselors can improve your relationship to each other and to your faith.

While falling in love and getting married might appear to be simple, the hard part is maintaining a marriage. Having children, struggling with money, working long hours,
overcoming personal issues, and understanding how to manage the ups and downs of
life can put distance between your marriage and the source of love, Himself: God.

It is no wonder that over 40% of marriages end in divorce. Although many couples aren’t
meant to be together – some people simply grow apart or realize they are incompatible –
many couples fail to keep their relationships because they don’t have the spiritual tools
to manage their problems.

Restoration Counseling can provide you with the support and guidance you need to
tackle the difficult situations your marriage may be facing. No issue is too big or too
small for Jesus Christ to address. Continue reading for more information about this
service we offer.

What Is Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling enhances a couple’s bond by helping them to address their issues
and strengthen their connection. This type of relationship therapy can also revitalize a
bond and reinforce the reasons why a couple was brought together in the first place. A
specialist in marital relationships leads this type of therapy. They are often called
marriage counselors or couples therapists, and they have the skills and knowledge to
assist married couples in achieving their objectives.

Couples seeking marriage counseling come from all walks of life. Couples who have
been married for 50 years and couples who have been married for two years are both
candidates for this therapy. Couples seeking marriage counseling sessions may also
participate in pre-wedding conversations to facilitate discussions. In all instances, the
experts will listen to and try to grasp their individual and relationship concerns.

Marriage Counseling

Who Is Christian Marriage Counseling For?

The nature of a relationship is determined by the various values, ideas, thoughts, and
life experiences each person contributes. Although most marriages aren’t ideal, they
don’t always lead to conflict. The saying ‘opposites attract’ applies to relationships and
marriage. People who disagree with one another can, in fact, learn from each other.

However, relationships are tested when differences, which were once charming,
become irritating as a result of time. Sometimes an extramarital affair or financial trouble
triggers a problem in a relationship. Other times, a gradual reduction in communication
and care causes problems.

Even if the root of the problem is unknown, relationship distress can lead to a wide
range of issues, including undue stress, tension, sadness, worry, fear, and other
difficulties. You may hope your relationship problems will just disappear on their own.
However, if left untreated, a bad relationship might get even worse and eventually lead
to physical or psychological issues such as depression.

However, there are no restrictions on why you might seek marriage counseling. Any
difficulty that you don’t feel you can solve on your own or want an objective, impartial
perspective can be assisted by a few sessions of marital counseling. It is not exclusively
for troubled couples. Couples who want to strengthen their bonds, gain a better
understanding of one another, or strengthen their faith would undoubtedly benefit from
marriage counseling.

marriage counseling

What Issues Are Addressed In Marriage Counseling

While every marriage is faced with its own unique obstacles, individuals who participate in
marriage counseling often find that their relationship issues are, in fact, quite common. Our
experienced marriage counselors work with spouses to improve common and complex issues,
alike. Issues addressed in marriage counseling can include the following:

Lack of Trust or Infidelity

Infidelity is an insurmountable obstacle to surmount in a
relationship. Your marriage counselor can help you address this problem. Your
therapist will assist you in communicating about the infidelity and the resulting
trust issues as well as determine what you need from one another in the future.

Differing Values

Couples may disagree regarding significant values or beliefs,
and these instances can cause them to part ways. However, if you’re married,
you presumably knew about your conflicting values and beliefs before you said ‘I
do.’ A counselor can assist you in locating common ground or creating a strategy
for having beneficial discussions about your divergent viewpoints if you are in this


Every person experiences stress in their lives, but if it becomes
excessive, it can damage relationships. If you or your spouse are battling with
excessive amounts of stress at home or at work, couples therapy might be beneficial.

In professional counseling, you may be able to identify your stressors
and develop healthy responses to them in collaboration. If a specific partner is
particularly burdened with stress, you may require one-on-one counseling.
Family and marriage therapy may also be beneficial if the whole family is

Poor Communication

Couple often encounter communication issues. A marriage counselor can help you and your spouse address conflict resolution and communication skills development. You and your spouse may also identify what subjects might trigger communication issues. For example, you may develop a
plan to better handle conversations about topics you feel uncomfortable or
reactive talking about.

Benefits Of Christian Marriage Counseling

While both Christian and secular marriage counseling attempt to help a couple
overcome issues, you and your spouse might benefit from Christian marriage
counseling and its unique advantages if you’re both Christians. Some of the many
benefits include:

Spiritual Connection

Christian marriage counseling aims to enhance your
connection with God, so you will be working on a spiritual level with your spouse.
You may participate in Bible study groups, volunteer, attend more church
services, and spend more time with God to address your marital issues.

Practice Forgiveness

Since we ask God to forgive us for our transgressions
every day, forgiveness is an important aspect of Christianity. Some secular
therapists concentrate on the issues of the past, which may have occurred
months or even years ago.

In Christian marriage counseling, you are encouraged
to free yourself of blame and focus on mutual forgiveness so that you may start
fresh and wipe away all resentment. Even if your marriage is not perfect or if you
have committed transgressions, you may still forgive and move forward with your
life. While forgiveness is essential for recovery, you may still forgive and set

Safe Space

No matter how blissful a couple may be, they must make the choice
to commit to each other every day. With Christian marriage counseling, you may
begin to address unresolved issues as you become closer to God.

Your counselor and God are bound to you and will not divulge anything that takes
place in sessions to the outside world. You may express any unhappiness or uncertainty you have during these sessions so that you may have a plan to strengthen your relationship with your spouse as well as with God.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), 98%
of couples who receive marriage counseling report that their therapists are either
“excellent” or “good.” In addition, 90% of patients report that their physical health
improves as a result of marriage counseling, and two-thirds report that their emotional
health improves. Furthermore, up to three-fourths of couples report that their
relationships improve after they receive marriage counseling.

How Much Does Christian Marriage Counseling Cost?

Restoration Counseling Center operates on a contribution basis, based on what each
individual can give. Those seeking counseling should invest in their own treatment by
contributing to Restoration Counseling Center for each 50-minute session of counseling,
as long as you are able. In Western North Carolina, similar therapy is typically $75 to
$125 per hour. Please consider what you can offer carefully and prayerfully.
Restorative Counseling does not accept health insurance for counseling payments.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for financial assistance. We will
never turn anyone away for financial reasons.

Strengthen Your Marriage With Restoration Counseling

When you choose Christian marriage counseling, you are taking a step in the right
direction for your marriage. Through Christian marriage counseling, you will reconnect
with your spouse and God. Here at Restorative Counseling, we provide Christian
marriage counseling. We believe that life and its difficulties are temporary and that we
will have an everlasting future without suffering. If you wish to begin Christian marriage
counseling, please contact us today. We are here for you.