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The need for pastoral Christian counseling is currently greater than ever before. According to a recent survey, an estimated 250 pastors leave the ministry each month. Because of this, the professionals at Restoration Counseling offer equip counseling services for current leaders of ministry and lay individuals who wish to become Christian counselors themselves. Continue reading to learn more about this service.


Equip counseling is a preparation service. Through this form of counseling, our faith-based professionals can help equip or enhance ministry leaders with the much-needed virtues of patience and compassion required to lead a congregation. Equip counseling is also available for lay people who wish to become Christian counselors.

Helping Ministry Leaders

It can be difficult to keep professional boundaries when working in ministry or as a caretaker, and it seems as if everyone requires your assistance all the time. You are frequently caught up in other people’s deep sorrow and pain for long periods of time. This can cause extreme depression, anxiety, and at times burnout. But, do not be ashamed.

Churches are facing difficult times, as members are less dedicated than ever before. Political polarization is at its highest level ever, as are criticisms of pastors and church leaders. Despite it all, you are still a human being. You may still experience the ups and downs of life just like anyone else. Every month, we hear about ministers, missionaries, and church leaders who either resigned from their positions left their professions, or closed their churches.

Helping Helpers Addresses The Following:

Spiritual Warfare

Satan will try to destroy a pastor’s family and ministry and discourage them as much as possible. When faced with personal struggles, equip counseling helps leaders maintain their resolve and rely on their faith to see them through.

Silent Isolation

Pastors don’t usually have a secure person to speak with about personal issues, aside from their spouse. Equip counseling ensures that religious leaders have a safe space to vent their frustrations and receive guidance.

Unrealistic Demands

Pastoring often demands so much that ministry leaders
are often left in a perpetual state of fatigue. By working with a Christian counselor, these leaders can establish a plan to better take care of themselves.


Ministers are not exempt from receiving criticism. Sometimes this criticism can deter them from their true cause and calling. Counselors can help religious leaders in working through these criticisms by means of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Financial Stress

It is no secret that ministry leaders (the ethical ones) do not
make six figures and being unable to meet one’s financial obligations is a serious problem. A pastor who is unprepared to live on a budget can make the situation even worse.


Pastors who are not well established in their identity as Christians can become consumed with comparing themselves to their peers and other ministry leaders. By applying Christ’s teaching during counseling sessions, counselors can relay the truth to individuals who are struggling.

Faith Paradox

Pastors may get down on themselves when they are struggling, believing that if they trusted God more, they would not be discouraged, depressed, or fearful. Equip counseling will navigate these emotions and remind the minster that we are all human.

What Are Lay Counselors

Non-clergy members of the church who have been trained by a group of
licensed/clinical professionals are referred to as lay counselors. They’re volunteers who have a spiritual calling to care for others and contribute their time to helping others as guided by their local church body. They’re similar to clinical counselors in that they usually meet with clients for an hour in a counseling office on a regular basis, maintain strict confidentiality, keep records and files on their patients, and receive regular supervision from a qualified professional.
Lay counseling with a church or Christian organization largely benefits both the congregation/members and the ministry leader. Benefits of lay counseling include:

  • Availability – some ministry leaders are not available to answer the telephone late at night or to fold laundry with an overwhelmed young mother, but lay counselors can. Because lay counselors have more liberty and flexibility in demonstrating and encouraging the adoption of counsel, a lot of people benefit from this availability.
  • Similar Life Experiences – Being able to counsel others is often a result of life experience. It can be difficult to provide marital counseling, serious depression care, or career guidance if a counselor hasn’t experienced these issues themselves. Because lay counselors are likely to have more in common with members of the congregation, their guidance is highly effective and personal.
  • Accessibility – Many people cannot afford to see a quality counselor regularly and many areas of the country only have a few counselors with a limited number of options for faith-based counseling. Many insurance companies prevent those providing counseling from doing so effectively by restricting networks, frequency, and other restrictions.

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Restoration Counseling is Here For You

Ministry leaders and lay counselors sometimes need counseling to reaffirm their faith, strengthen their resolve, and equip them with the tools needed to help members of the congregation. The equip counseling service at Restoration Counseling aims to do just that.
As a Christian-based counseling organization, we at Restoration Counseling appreciate the work of ministers and lay counselors and we are committed to helping you in any way we can. To learn more about this or any other service we provide, contact us today.