Christian Counseling for

Family Issues

Using clinically sound and scientifically tested methods, Christian family counseling relies on the Bible for direction in addressing familial concerns. Our Christian family counselors assist children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in an environment that is supportive and Christ-centered.

Counseling for Family Issues at Restoration Counseling

The way we think, feel, and behave is strongly influenced by our family. A family crisis can either divide or unite us. Choosing to seek Christian family counseling to assist you in stewarding what God has entrusted you with is a courageous and wise step towards hope and healing. 

God has a vision for families, no matter what shape yours is. A family that is struggling can be assisted by the professionals at Restoration Counseling. A family that is healthy, supportive, and nurturing might be achieved through our Christian family counseling services.

What is Christian Family Counseling?

Family counseling is a branch of Christian counseling that focuses on the family as a whole rather than the individuals in it. Family counseling is concerned with the welfare of both the family and the individuals residing in it; considering the needs of the individuals in the family, as well as the family as a whole.

When someone in the family is dealing with a challenge, the other family members are often affected. If one of the children has problems at school, they may be less willing to play with their siblings. If their parent is dealing with mental health or grief issues, their spouse and other members of the family will be affected. Family therapy strategies take into account the family’s interconnectedness and therapeutic strategies. 

Does My Family Need Counseling?

You and your family must make your own decision on whether to seek counseling. Christian family counseling might be a source of assistance if you feel overwhelmed, are facing challenges in family life for which you feel ill-prepared, or feel stuck. In addition to addressing spirituality as an integral part of the process, Christian family counseling offers assistance to clients regardless of their religious affiliation. 

A Christian family counselor can assist you and your family in identifying actions that are inconsistent with God’s word and that may be preventing your development. Christian counselors, like secular counselors with a psychological education, are educated in the same way and are familiar with the complexities of human relationships. In addition to their psychological training, Christian counselors also utilize Scripture and prayer.

Signs of Problems in Your Family

Family therapy is distinct from individual therapy in that a therapist typically meets with all family members at once to determine the source of the family’s issues. It’s hard to say when your family should seek counseling since each family has its own set of values and priorities. However, there are some signs that may indicate that assistance is needed. These include: 

Lack of communication

  • When everyone is present at the dinner table and no one is talking, something is definitely wrong. Communication is the key to overcoming issues. 

Unstable moods

  • When a family member fluctuates between being excited and being upset, it may signal that something more serious is going on than a simple change in mood. It may be a sign of trouble at school, at work, or in a relationship. 

Irrational anger

  • It’s possible that one perceived problem has an entirely different cause. Parents who believe that their teenage child has anger issues, for example, may in fact need counseling because they are having their own issues. 

Mental health issues

  • Family members with undiagnosed mental health issues can cause significant problems for the family. Until the condition is diagnosed, the family member with a mental health issue is unlikely to improve on their own, causing the family to suffer as a result. 

Child Issues

  • A child’s difficulties in school or rebellious behavior at home may indicate a deeper issue. An individual may become confused if his or her parents have opposing views on discipline or parenting styles and are unable to reconcile them.

What Can Christian Family Counseling Address?

Christian counselors provide the family with the tools and skills to communicate more effectively so that the family can handle changes and problems in a healthy manner. Here is a list of issues that Christian family counseling may address: 

  • Connection with God – Living faithfully and connected with God can be difficult. Work pressures, school, young adulthood, and peer pressure, among other things, can complicate or undermine one’s relationship with God. Family members may be having a hard time with their faith, or you may have just been through a crisis that shook your faith as a family. 
  • Trauma – Since we live in an imperfect world, we and our families may experience trauma or abuse. Trauma is often the result of an accident, mugging, a natural disaster, or some other incident. Mental health can be severely affected by physical or emotional abuse, and they must be addressed in a safe environment.
  • Issues in Marriage – Working with a Christian family counselor can help you avoid divorce, confront infidelity, restore your emotional and physical intimacy, improve poor communication, and so on. 
  • Grief – When a loved one dies or you experience other losses such as divorce or moving and leaving behind familiar people and places, it can be emotionally taxing. Family counseling can provide the space you need to process those feelings. 
  • Substance Abuse – An addiction can control a person’s life, directing their decisions, and destroying relationships and trust. Family counseling can help people identify the underlying causes of their addictive behavior and learn how to overcome addiction and make healthy lifestyle choices. 
  • Parenting Issues – Parents want to assist their children to overcome a wide range of difficulties. You may be faced with a stubborn child, mental health issues, learning disabilities, bullying, eating disorders, and other issues. With counseling, you will not only gain a better understanding of the issues but also receive the tools you need to help one another. 

How to Choose a Christian Counselor for Your Family

Finding a Christian counselor that aligns with your family’s needs is critical if you want to seek therapy. Although seeking assistance is always a good idea, people sometimes feel ashamed or incompetent if they do so. Every person has their own problems, and when you feel overwhelmed, your greatest assistance to your loved ones is to seek assistance. 

Your beliefs and approach must align with those of your counselor, or else it won’t work for you. For example, you may discover that debating the significance of certain Bible passages rather than focusing on your counseling. If this is the case, it is important to find a more suitable counselor. 

Christian counselors use a range of tools, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) prayer, and Scripture, to address people’s spiritual needs as well as their physical ones. Your counselor will be able to figure out what you need as well as assist you in setting your goals and establishing a plan to accomplish them. To find the wholeness and peace, joy, and prosperity you desire, start by seeking a counselor who can assist your family and meet you where you are spiritually. 

Receive Christian Counseling Today

If we want to see the family used to spread the Word of God, we must value it enough to seek outside help. Entering your family into counseling shows a humble heart seeking the Lord’s intercession. He will be present every time we meet. If you and your family are willing to seek family Christian counseling with Restoration Counseling, our professionals are prepared to assist you.

 Family counseling with families and children is something we can assist you with, such as establishing or maintaining family rules, understanding family issues, or providing you with a safe place to discuss your concerns and fears. 

To learn more about Christian family counseling or any of the other therapeutic services we offer, contact us today. We are here to help you in any way we can.