Couples Counseling

Couples counseling works to improve spiritual guidance and healing within relationships. By applying the Word of God to issues you may be facing, our counselors can help restore faith in each other, as well as faith in our Lord and Savior.

Restoration Counseling – Couple Counseling

Restoration Counseling is founded on Christian principles and looks at interpersonal
problems through the lens of Scripture. We believe the Bible should be the primary
source of information when addressing issues in your relationship and that the most
valuable tool in therapy is the knowledge of the Word of God and the ability to apply His
teachings to your daily life and relationships.

Relationships play a primary role in our lives as humans. We seek out these
connections with other people, which include coworkers, family members, friends,
neighbors, perfect strangers, and romantic partners, for color, light, and life in our daily
lives. The relationships we find in our chaotic lives are more important now than ever
before and protecting and spiritually nurturing them when we find them is critical.
Couples counseling may assist if you feel like your relationship could benefit from
spiritual guidance and healing. Continue reading to learn more about couples
counseling and how the experts at Restoration Counseling can help.

What is Couples Counseling?

Couples therapy is a type of relationship counseling in which both partners are treated
by a trained professional. Couples therapists assist individuals in a romantic relationship
to overcome relationship-related difficulties and improve their connection in order to
become more satisfied with each other and their emotional or physical connection.

Couples therapy is conducted by therapists who are interested in both partners’
personal difficulties and mutual concerns. Couples therapy is available at any stage of
the relationship. It may be used to handle a variety of relationship problems, including
intimacy-related problems, psychological detachment, disputes, infidelity, and other

How Does Couples Counseling Work?

The process of couples counseling typically begins like other forms of talk therapy. The
counselor usually begins by interviewing the couple and asking about the history of their
relationship. The counselor must gather information not only about the couple’s
relationship but also about their backgrounds, values, and personality characteristics to
assess the situation. As a result, you may be asked about your life outside the
relationship as well. After the main problem is identified, the counselor develops
treatment objectives and schedules sessions with the client.

Your therapist may have you do “homework” in the form of activities you and your
partner can perform at home, and they may request your feedback at your next session.
Some of these activities may include improving physical and emotional intimacy,
developing communication abilities, getting to know one another better, establishing
trust and collaboration, establishing room to function, learning how to handle issues,
and more.

Benefits of Couples Counseling

The advantages of relationship counseling will depend on the couple seeking
assistance. The greater you and your partner invest in your connection, the greater the
chance for success. The many advantages of participating in couples counseling

Gain Understanding

Couples therapy offers significant advantages, particularly
if you want to grasp the inner workings of your connection. Is there a balance of
power? Are you stuck in certain (negative) communication patterns? Do you
frequently clash about a handful of common points of contention? How do you
handle problems? By considering the answers to these queries and recognizing
the dynamics of your partnership—both when it’s good and when it’s bad—you
may be able to heal your connection and improve your connection.

Safe Space

When we’re dealing with relationship conflict, it’s sometimes difficult
to feel safe. To successfully handle issues, you must be willing to be open,
vulnerable, and honest, which can be frightening. Couples therapy establishes a
secure environment where boundaries are enforced by a neutral third party, who
can intervene if necessary. In this way, you’ll be able to open up and
communicate more effectively while still feeling secure.

Resolve Issues

Achieving resolution on a problematic subject may be difficult
when you and your partner are having trouble handling it. For example, maybe
you disagree on whether or not to have children. Maybe you’re uncertain whether
or not to make a big move. Buying a house might be one of the problems you are
arguing over.

Couples therapy might be able to assist if you and your partner are
struggling to resolve a specific issue. Major decisions don’t always produce
significant relationship issues. Arguments over laundry, dishes, and parental
duties can all result in impassable barriers, as well as big life-changing events
can. Couples therapy can help you uncover the real problem, confront it, and
determine if you can overcome it.

Learn Coping Skills

Despite the fact that no relationship is ideal, you and your
partner must learn to navigate the tough spots. Having the right coping skills in
place may help you and your partner get through these difficult periods. You may
employ coping mechanisms and couples therapy tactics to handle stress, anger,
sadness, or any other emotion that interferes with your relationship. You are
setting up a future path by learning to deal with difficult times in your marriage or
relationship. Although dealing with immediate relationship issues may be helped
by effective coping skills, they also function as a guide for handling difficult times
in the future.

Rebuild Trust

People often seek counseling because they believe a relationship
has lost trust. Infidelity, lack of honesty, financial struggles, and a variety of other
reasons may lead to a loss of trust in a relationship. If trust is lacking, you may
express it, explore how it was broken, work on forgiveness, and then establish
new boundaries in therapy to begin the healing process. Rebuilding trust,
although challenging, is not impossible. You can begin to establish a solid
foundation to rebuild your relationship with the right tools.

Can Couples Counseling Save a Relationship?

Before starting couples counseling, you should have confidence in the process. After all, if couples counseling is not effective, investing yourself in it as a couple would be counterproductive. The good news— it is highly effective.

When we’re involved in a relationship, we may become trapped in patterns and behaviors, and we may not see our situation clearly or recognize the part we play in its problems. By meeting with a seasoned and talented therapist in couples therapy, you
will gain insight into how to improve your relationship.

The majority of people who ask whether couple therapy is effective are really wondering
whether it can save their relationship. As stated by the American Association for
Marriage and Family Therapy, 97.1% of surveyed clients reported that they received the
help they required. Up to 80% said that couple therapy had a positive impact. You and
your partner must both make an effort if you want therapy to be successful. With the
help of a therapist, your relationship can develop a much stronger foundation as you
work through issues together.

Couples Counseling at Restoration Counseling

If you believe you and your partner would benefit from couples counseling, we want to
hear from you. Our team of Christian counselors is highly experienced in addressing a
wide range of interpersonal issues and is eager to assist you. With our help, you and
your partner will continue to walk in faith and build an even stronger relationship with
each other and your spirituality.