ptsd counseling near me

Searching for PTSD Counseling Near Me? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you have found yourself saying I need to find PTSD counseling near me, then Restoration Counseling is here to help. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) PTSD, a mental health condition that affects millions of Americans, is a mental illness that occurs after a traumatic event. You may have heard of the disorder associated with war veterans who return severely traumatized, but civilians can suffer from it as well. If you have suffered a terrible event, it may haunt you for months or years. There may be residual effects from the event that are upsetting your life in all areas. Christian counseling for PTSD is critical in overcoming the memory’s power and beginning the healing process.

What is PTSD?

A terrifying event, either witnessing it or experiencing it, can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety are common symptoms of PTSD, as well as uncontrolled thoughts about the event. In most cases, people who experience traumatic events adapt and cope with them over time. If they worsen, persist for months, or negatively influence your daily life, you may have post-traumatic stress disorder. After PTSD symptoms develop, prompt treatment may be critical in reducing their symptoms and improving their function.

ptsd counseling near me

Can You Get PTSD From Emotional Abuse?

Yes. According to experts, post-traumatic stress disorder is more likely to be diagnosed in those who have been physically or emotionally wounded rather than in those who have served in the military. When you have been abused, you are controlled by someone’s emotions. This includes embarrassment, criticism, blaming, shaming, and otherwise manipulating that person’s emotions. You may have been abused if someone consistently belittles, criticizes, and bullies you in a manner that diminishes your mental health and damages your self-esteem. In addition to married and dating relationships, emotional abuse can occur in any relationship. PTSD and CPTSD (Complex PTSD) have a number of similar symptoms and are sometimes treated with the same approaches.

What is PTSD Counseling?

Christian trauma and PTSD counseling is a type of counseling that helps a person manage their emotional reaction to a traumatic event. With PTSD counseling, breaking through avoidance is among the most significant objectives. The longer an event is avoided, the more powerful it becomes. During this type of counseling, Christian counselors work with individuals to confront the traumatic event and subsequently treat the adverse effects it has had on them.

What Are the Goals of Christian PTSD Counseling?

The goal of counseling is often misunderstood by those who seek it. Along with unrealistic and unbiblical goals for the counseling process, those who seek counseling often seek to erase all of their traumatic memories. While we hope that God can assist us to forget unwanted memories, we should not set this as a fundamental goal of counseling. A counselor’s primary goal is to assist a person in glorifying God by walking in a manner befitting the call they have received. We want to help them become more like Jesus. To accomplish this, we move them from Post-traumatic Stress to Post-traumatic Sanctification.

How Does Christian PTSD Counseling Work?

A Christian PTSD counselor helps you overcome your traumatic stress so that you can live the happy, fulfilling life God has called you to live. You’ll learn how to understand yourself and the origins of your issues throughout the counseling process. After identifying the source or sources of your trauma, your Christian counselor will examine your symptoms and correctly diagnose them. Your counselor will then help you cope with past stressful situations by guiding trauma-specific discussions and leading exercises that suit your situation. They’ll also assist you during additional therapy sessions in order to handle future stressful situations.

ptsd counseling near me

Why Christian Counseling for PTSD?

Comprised of both secular psychological therapy and biblical insights, a Christian counselor with experience treating PTSD can provide assistance for Christians with this condition. While divine involvement may not necessarily speed up healing, it may provide substantial comfort to someone dealing with PTSD. Furthermore, when someone with PTSD has been abused in the past and feels that no one can understand their pain, Christian counseling can be especially helpful. Bringing Jesus into the treatment sessions may remind those that He knows their pain and wants to assist His children in being liberated from the chains of their trauma.

Benefits of Christian PTSD Counseling in St. Louis, Missouri

A bad encounter or occurrence can really alter your life. You may no longer function properly, your symptoms may be triggered by insignificant issues, or you might find that your faith is lacking as a result. Christian PTSD counseling can give you the assistance you need to reclaim your life and offers the following benefits:

Full Acknowledgment of Trauma

Your counselor, who has first-hand experience with your trauma, is an impartial witness. The counseling session is all about you and your experiences. Outside the counseling office, you have a wide range of relationships with people, including family members, friends, co-workers, and others. Because of this, you will always be aware of your relationship with them. Your counselor handles your connection for you, so you don’t have to. Your counselor wants no attention, as you have been designed to have a one-way connection that concentrates exclusively on you. Trauma counseling and PTSD recovery depend on the acknowledgment of this trauma and the person suffering from PTSD.

Improved Coping Skills

Are you overwhelmed when traumatic memories are triggered? Your Christian counselor can assist you in developing new coping skills to help you function in your everyday life. Coping skills range from handling practical, trauma-related problems, such as a fear of crowds or heights. They also assist you in dealing with anger management issues or making important updates to your life plan, such as finding a more fulfilling job or improving your marriage.

Improved Self-Esteem

Numerous traumatic experiences may cause low self-esteem. You may have experienced excessive criticism, disapproving parents and teachers, or bullying at school or at work and developed lifelong psychological wounds. When you endure psychological wounds, you tend to internalize the negativity. Low self-esteem often occurs alongside toxic shame. The causes of low self-esteem and toxic shame are thoroughly explored and debunked in counseling. Through life-changing Christian counseling, you may begin to heal and recover. You may reconnect to a realistic picture of yourself where you don’t reject yourself, and where God loves you just as you are.


The Bible emphasizes forgiveness, which is an important aspect of Christian counseling. Through your faith in God’s abundant love and mercy, you can focus on healing any damaged emotions you may be experiencing. By forgiving yourself and those who may have harmed you, you can begin to heal.

ptsd counseling near me

Similar Christian Values

Although secular counselors have good intentions, they are incapable of looking past this world, because they accept nothing but this world. Christian counselors, on the other hand, look ahead to the afterlife. Despite the fact that this life’s troubles are devastating, we may look forward to eternal peace in heaven. Even when we are suffering, we may find solace in Jesus’ love and the fellowship of others. Jesus can provide us with real happiness in this life as well.

It’s Effective

It’s simple to envision that a treatment approach that aligns with your values would be more effective than one that introduces contradictory values into your treatment sessions and there is evidence to support this. Studies show that faith-based counseling is at least as effective as secular approaches in those with strong religious beliefs, and sometimes even more so.

How Do I Find PTSD Counseling Near Me?

Many people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are unsure where to find PTSD counseling. PTSD severity can make searching for a therapist an overwhelming and stressful experience. Finding mental health providers in your area that provide PTSD treatment has never been easier thanks to free search engines on numerous websites. You will also want to consider location, treatment direction, and whether the counselor is a good match.

Christian counselors like the ones at Restoration Counseling can also be found through your local church and religious organizations. Fellow churchgoers may be able to refer you to a reputable Christian counselor as well.

Christian PTSD Counseling in St. Louis, Missouri

If you’ve been wondering about how to find PTSD counseling near me, look no further. Restoration Counseling wants to help you find a solution to your pain, discover hope, and find solutions no matter where you are on your life’s path. We strongly believe in loving ourselves and others with courage. We invest in the lives of our patients and employees in order to inspire change and achieve success both personally and socially.

If you or a loved one requires Christian PTSD counseling, please contact us right away. Our expert Christian counselors are ready to assist you with whatever problem you’re currently facing. You are never alone.

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