Christian marriage counseling near me

Christian Marriage Counseling Near Me: A Complete Guide

Have you found yourself searching for Christian marriage counseling near me? Couples seeking Christian marriage therapy have a wide range of therapeutic approaches and niche specializations to choose from. However, what Christians seeking marital counseling most desire is that the counselor will have identical Christian values and beliefs and approach problems and solutions in the same way as they do. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know regarding your search for Christian marriage counseling, including common issues it addresses and its many benefits.

What is Christian Marriage Counseling?

Christian marriage counseling is counseling that integrates and is based on Christian values. This form of counseling is provided by Christian or pastoral counselors just as in individual Christian counseling. Christian marriage counseling aims to improve communication, compassion, and dedication to one another as well as personal spiritual development. Couples can begin to address issues, resentments, and miscommunications from the present and past in addition to learning how to forgive and heal from previous circumstances that have negatively impacted their marriage.

Christian marriage counseling near me

How Does Christian Marriage Counseling Work?

The purpose of these sessions is to facilitate healing, and you and your partner must both be willing to be open and honest with each other. In addition, you must both be willing to hold each other accountable for personal change in order to contribute to the whole.

Your counselor will not dictate what choices you should make, but rather assist you in making wise decisions. You and your spouse will work together to identify issues and come up with a plan to restore your marriage. During these sessions, you will establish a plan of action. Your counselor will help you correct chaotic and possibly toxic communication patterns so that you may move to a more healthy and productive way of interacting.

What Issues Can Christian Marriage Counseling Address?

There are various concerns that Christian marriage counseling can address. You and your spouse may now see these issues as being insurmountable, but with the assistance of a sympathetic counselor, you may make strides in the following common areas:

Communication Issues

Men and women communicate in distinct ways. This disparity often causes difficulties in relationships. With respect to communication, one person may be more reserved while the other is more expressive. A couple seeking assistance from Christian counseling is often one in which the individuals are opposites. Nagging, passive aggressiveness, cold shoulders, and angry outbursts are all signs of poor communication if they are present in your relationship. Without outside assistance, these issues are difficult to eradicate. Your Christian counselor will assist you in noticing the underlying causes, tackling them as a group, and establishing healthier communication patterns.

Personality Differences

Personality differences, which you may have found interesting when you fell in love, can become detrimental over time. You may have noticed the negative aspects of your partner’s personality, and you and your partner have begun to clash. You may feel distraught, confused, and frustrated as a consequence. Rather than becoming entangled in a cycle of criticism and defensiveness over personality diversities, you may obtain perspective from a professional counselor.

Your counselor will assist you in valuing and respecting each other’s differences in a practical manner. Your counselor will assist you in thinking in new ways, enhancing your appreciation for one another and helping you love one another in healthier ways.

Christian marriage counseling near me

Financial Issues

The most frequent cause of marital breakdowns is money problems, so it is crucial to address these issues if they arise. We all have different approaches to spending and saving money. Before it takes over your relationship down the road, you should handle a problem. These choices and perceptions are formed in childhood. Your counselor may help you understand where both of you are coming from on monetary issues and assist you in developing strategies that show mutual respect.

Parenting Conflicts

Couples who have trouble agreeing on parenting choices may experience a lot of conflict. This is often because they come from different backgrounds. Parenting may cause a lot of strain on a relationship, but it does not have to destroy it. A counselor may assist the couple in identifying problems, problem-solving, and resolving issues that can be addressed. Realizing unvoiced and unattainable expectations can help a couple communicate and plan for their family’s future.

Intimacy Issues

It is common for a husband and wife to have different sexual desires at different phases of their marriage. Women are often affected by hormonal changes and childbirth during which sexual desire is diminished. Libido and performance may also be affected by hormonal changes in men. A couple’s sexual relations may be affected by sexual abuse that occurred in either partner’s past.

Infidelity can devastate a relationship if it is discovered. Sex is a present from God that binds a husband and wife together. Sexual dysfunction requires treatment, not concealment. Many marriages are shattered when couples become more like business partners than loving spouses. A counselor may assist you in understanding your spouse’s needs and helping you rediscover your sexual connection.

Difference Between Secular Counseling and Christian Counseling

Secular counseling is different from Christian counseling in a few noticeable ways. The way one becomes a secular therapist differs from the way one becomes a Christian counselor. Doctors and Masters of Psychology who practice secular counseling usually obtain a Doctorate or Masters’s degree. These fields are based purely on secular values and ideas. Many secular therapists are open to religion in general, but many will not accept Christian counseling. It is also a significant distinction that secular counseling is based on the theories and ideas of other influential thinkers in the field, including Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Although psychoanalytic therapy focuses exclusively on psychological matters, it ignores moral, ethical, and spiritual issues.

Benefits of Christian Marriage Counseling in St. Louis, Missouri

Christian marriage counseling can offer a variety of benefits to help improve your relationship. A safe and constructive environment is provided to enable you and your spouse to overcome issues. In addition, Christian counseling may assist you in acquiring the following skills:

Promotes Understanding

Christian marriage counseling is not a magic cure for all of your relationship problems, but it can be an effective method for learning new behaviors, improving communication, and developing a better of understanding between you and your spouse.

Develops Healthy Communication Skills

Couples can learn new behaviors and improve communication by participating in Christian marriage counseling. The therapist uses biblical principles to help couples respond to each other in a supportive and beneficial way. They can also provide specific steps for communicating without angry outbursts or harsh words.

Christian marriage counseling near me

Improves Mutual Respect

When we respond to our spouse, we often reflect our own feelings back to ourselves. Christian marriage counselors can help you understand why your spouse’s actions make you feel the way you do and teach you how to respond (or not) in order to create an atmosphere that feels respectful, kind, caring, productive, healthy, and enjoyable.

Nurtures Acceptance and Forgiveness

Having a healthy and thriving marriage relies heavily on forgiveness. Without forgiveness, bitterness and resentment will slowly consume away at your relationship. The counselor can assist you in understanding why forgiveness is so crucial, as well as how to forgive your spouse for past transgressions even if you believe they were particularly terrible.

Strengthens Your Bond

Couples who seek Christian marriage counseling can develop shared interests and activities. This can help build common ground and a stronger bond between spouses. It can also provide something to focus on together that is positive rather than negative aspects of your relationship.

Promotes Healthy Expression

Christian marriage counseling is invaluable for improving communication with your spouse. During counseling, you will learn how to express your needs in a clear and healthy manner. This is important for both spouses because they must be able to express their feelings without feeling attacked or misunderstood by the other person.

How Do I Find a Christian Marriage Counselor Near Me?

There are a lot of ways to locate a Christian marriage counselor if you wish to speak with one. You can look online for a religious counselor or ask at your local church. If you attend church and you want to speak with a Christian counselor, you can also ask other churchgoers if they know of one. Hospital and funeral home employees may also be able to refer you to a Christian counselor since they are frequently present to comfort grieving families.

We recommend that you talk to a potential counselor on the phone before making a decision. You can ask about their faith, their approach to treating patients, their philosophy, and whether they have a specialty or concentration.

Christian Marriage Counseling in St. Louis, Missouri

If you’ve caught yourself Googling Christian marriage counseling near me, Restoration Counseling is here to help you. Seeking outside help is vital if we want to see the Word of God spread through your marriage. When we seek counseling, we show that we have a humble heart and seek the Lord’s intercession. He will be present at each session if you and your spouse agree to seek Christian marriage counseling with Restoration Counseling.

You can learn more about Christian marriage counseling or any of our other therapeutic services by contacting us today. We can assist you in any way we can.

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